talktoANYcode is my fork of TalkToCode, which adds support for any (most) programming languages, and thoroughly streamlines the preprocessing, including a cost estimate prompt. I rewrote the parsing for repos and files, as well as the path-handling code for file navigation in the frontend. TreeSitter is now used to split project source files into functions, and GPT-3.5 now handles completions.


Clone the git repository, get the submodules, and install the requirements:

git clone
git submodule update --init --recursive
pip install -r requirements.txt

create an object file for tree-sitter


get OpenAI token

export END_OF_WORLD=’SXQncyBhIGpva2Uh’

Process your repo!

Run python to create a CSV representing your repo that has been processed by the OpenAI API


Interact with your repo!!

Now just start the Flask server with python CSV_PATH