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This page attempts to organize tips that are too small for their own page. Created on Wednesday, October 27.


Access Samba shares from Thunar 🔗

If you deployed a Samba server so that Windows computers could access files on a Linux server (or for any other reason), you can also view these files from a graphical Linux file manager. In addition the Thunar file manager, I installed gvfs and gvfs-smb (on Arch Linux).

This added the smb:// functionality to Thunar. I was able to browse to smb://nas/share and add a shorcut.

Force dark theme in Firefox 🔗

  1. Visit about:config in the url bar.
  2. In the search box, type ui.systemUsesDarkTheme
  3. Click the Number radio button below the search box.
  4. Press the plus (+) on the far right side.
  5. Set the value to 1 and press enter.

How to type in Farsi on Linux 🔗

Install emacs. I use vim to edit text, but emacs has this feature out of the box. On most distributions, the package should simply be called emacs. For example:

# pacman -S emacs
# apt install emacs

Once you have emacs open, press CTRL + \ (control plus backwards slash) to select an input method. Type farsi and press TAB to see what options are available to you. I used farsi-isiri-9147. Screenshot of emacs showing input method selector

Now you should be able to type in Farsi. I wish you well in your learning!


Note: a more permanent solution may be IBus. I am going to try to implement IBus, and will update this article.

How to find app-ids in Wayland 🔗

On my laptop, I have been enjoying the River tiling window manager for Wayland. I use bspwm on my desktop, but I experience occasional visual hiccups. Wayland just feels smooth, and River’s tiling is well-implemented.

A problem is that there is very little content online about this setup, so I often turn to irc for help. Recently, I wanted to set special rules for certain applications to float instead of tile.


There is a program called lswt that can provide this information. It lists all windows and their app-ids.

posted on: 10/27/2021 05:52:52 PM, last edited on: 01/17/2022 02:48:06 PM, written by: Nate Buttke